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Re-reading Kate Daniels series ... Magic Burns

Magic Burns -  Ilona Andrews

I didn't quite get enough Ilona Andrews last month, and being bored at work the other day, desperate for something to kill time, I remembered I have American library cards, so I went to my Libby app and borrowed the second book in the Kate Daniels series.


What I wrote in my original post is still relevant; I still think the comment Curran made about saying please and thank you before he sleeps with Kate is, to say the least, off-putting.  But I'd forgotten a lot of the plot after all this time, and had conflated parts of it with other plot-lines in the series.  Finishing it, I immediately downloaded book 3 and dived right in (I have most of the books in print, save for 2-4, which I never did buy - must remedy that).  


Delightfully, one of the things I'd forgotten was that the bad guys were sea-demons - Fomarians.  So that qualifies this book for the Fear The Drowning Deep square in Halloween Bingo.