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Magic Burns (Kate Daniels, #2)

Magic Burns -  Ilona Andrews

"You will say please before, and thank you after."  - Curran


I don't bloody think so.  If I were Kate his bits would shrivel up and fall off before I said either.  I don't care if he is a hot man who changes into a Lion.  With that much ego, his bed does't have any extra room anyway.


With the exception of that ass-tastic comment, the story was another winner.  The author does a very good job of stringing out the mystery of just what Kate actually is (I have a pretty good idea, based on a comment in the first book) without beating the reader over the head with "I know something you don't know!" writing.  


The plot was good although at least two of the fight scenes lasted longer than my attention span; they were very well written, bringing the reader into the scene wonderfully but there's only just so much fighting I can personally take before I start thinking "somebody die already so we can move on".  


The themes didn't feel quite so dark in this one, although some of the dialogue is raw and wow, and avoiding hyena weres seems like a good idea if ever I'm caught in the Andrews' alternate reality.



[PopSugar 2015 Reading Challenge: A Book set in the future.]


Looking forward to the third book.