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Booklikes-opoly 2019 - MbD's updates 6 and 7

RL has been hectic this week.  I'm heading home at the end of the month, and when I booked my ticket, I hit the wrong button and it was issued in MT's name.  Y'all, Qantas sucks; we called them - the priority line, mind you - for 4 DAYS and could not get a through to a human.  It took my Facebook shaming them, and then 3 hours of waiting for PM responses, before we got the damn thing fixed.  No circumstances exist where I want to spend 3 hours on Facebook.


BUT - yesterday was hectic for a much better reason: a friend's birthday took us out to the Yarra Valley.  To a chocolate factory.  For morning tea, of course.  We followed it up with a trip to the local dairy and a brilliant local produce shop heading home.


Photo from web, but make the sky blue and the tree saplings in the foreground mature, and that's the view from the chocolate factory.


I have been reading though, and after finishing up The Nine Tailors for square #2 Thursday night, I had just enough time to roll and pick a book to read in bed.  I rolled a 7:


 Victorian gaming commission on the premises and checking for loaded dice.



This put me on Space 9. Read a book that includes a visit to a museum, a concert, a library, or a park, or that the authors name begins with one of the letters in R-E-L-A-X.  I choose The Library of the Lost and Found by Phaedra Patrick.  The MC works in a library and there are quite a few scenes that take place in the library.  This was a quick read, and I finished it last night.  


First thing this morning I rolled again, and got a 3:



This put me on square 11. Read a book set in a coastal/beach region that you love, or would love to visit, or a book that has a beach or ocean on the cover.  I have a Mary Kay Andrews on my TBR pile - 2 of them actually - so I'll use Beach Town - Mary Kay Andrews for this square.


Current Status (in spoiler tags b/c it's getting long): Total $56

Novelty card(s) in hand:  The Cat



5/20/19: Beginning balance, $20.00
5/22/19: Skinny-dipping, +$3.00
5/24/19: Cedar Valley, +$3.00
5/24/19: Garden Spells, +$3.00
5/25/19: A Lighthearted Quest, +$2.00 (dnf) (Memorial Day bonus roll #1)
5/25/19: Passed GO!, +$5.00
5/25/19: The Mystery of Cloomber, +$3.00 (Memorial Day bonus roll #2)
5/26/19: Grave Destiny, +$3.00

6/02/19: The Norse Myths, +3.00

6/02/19: Passed GO!, +$5.00

6/06/19: The Nine Tailors, +$3.00

6/07/19: The Library of the Lost and Found, +$3.00

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