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The Library of the Lost and Found

The Library of the Lost and Found - Phaedra Patrick

Meh.  It's not bad, just average in the statistical sense.  The story wasn't what I expected from the blurb; not because it was misleading, but rather because my inference of it was of a story altogether different. 


The story was never bad enough (or really, bad, though the writing wasn't strong enough to follow on the heels of Dorothy Sayers) to DNF it, but I didn't really care much about the main character, or anyone in her orbit.  I suspect this is supposed to be a tear jerker, but at no point did I feel even the slightest tug; my tear ducts remained unmoved and indifferent from beginning to end.  I also suspect it's plot twist is supposed to have packed an emotional punch, but honestly, this particular plot twist is practically a cliche at this point.


The MC's 85 year old grandmother is gay.  Whoopty doo.

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As I said, it's not a bad book; it just wasn't really my jam.


It did, however, have a large number of scenes that take place in a library, and the MC volunteers at said library, so I got a monopoly square out of it, and of course another book off my TBR.