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Bingo Cards: Live and in ... Card stock!

As I mentioned in my previous post, my timely trip back to the states is giving me the chance to share my good fortune to have married into the printing industry.  My husband has offered to print and mount bingo cards for a few people, if they'd like a physical version to play the game with, or just for posterity.  Or both.


There's still 2-3 left available if anyone would like one?  They'll hopefully arrive before the game begins (I'll send them out on the 25th of this month) and they'll be 22x29 (cm) / 8.5"x7.5" (inches approx.) and mounted on heavy card.


If you'd like one, just comment below with some affirmation, and PM me your mailing address.  As stated previously, this is open to anyone, not just the US; my trip to the US just makes it possible b/c it's cheaper and faster than AusPost (glaciers are faster than AusPost). 


Sample card (card colors are washed out in pic b/c of sun).  Demonic cat not inc ... negotiable.