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Getting Ready!

MT brought my card and my stickers home today!! So exciting - my tentative plans are following in a seperate post.


I've decided to do one large sticker this year.  It's the exact same size as the bingo card, and MT printed it on a single large transparent label.  If you look closely you can see the trim marks, so I can cut out squares; as I read each square, I'll put the corresponding sticker on the card.  A black out gets me a complete halloween picture.  I had him print two versions: one normal, and one that has a more transparent image.  Hopefully the transparency will allow me to see the square behind it, while still seeing the picture.  It's an experiment.




Now, for the exciting part...


It occurred to me a few days ago, that not only am I going to the USA, but that I'll be arriving about a week before the game starts and that I could mail cards to people without bankrupting myself AND with a reasonable expectation of a timely arrival for everyone.  


I spoke with MT about it.  Since he prints the cards out on card stock, then mounts them on cardboard for that true Bingo experience, I wanted to see how willing and able he was.  With his current workload, he's willing to print and mount Five (5) cards for me to take with me and send off via USPS.


So here's the deal:  first 5 people that comment below with "Yes Please!" (or just Yes; we won't stand on ceremony) who are willing to send me a mailing address, will get their own printed bingo card (stickers not included) on card stock, mounted on cardboard.  They'll be sent out on the 25th or 27th, depending on whether or not the postal service is still open on Saturday?


This is NOT just for US residents; anyone can request one.  It's just that I can send cheaper and faster from the US than I can from the land Down Under, where sending anything takes twice as long for twice the price.


If you're actually living in Oz, I will, of course, send it to you from here.  :)


Note:  If you haven't yet received your card, but are planning on playing, you can still put your name in; once Moonlight Reader gets your card done, we can print your card.  


Whose ready to play some bingo?


It looks like I'm checking out the stickers, but really, I'm getting high off the ink fumes.