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2018, wherein drastic measures are taken, or attempted.

I'm in awe of what I accomplished this year.  I can't believe I read so many books, or that I read such a wide variety.  5 years ago, there would have been one pie chart on that post, with just one color keyed to 'cozy mystery'.


But there's a dark underbelly to my unicorn stats.  


I have 342 (physical) books on my TBR pile.  Thanks to Kate and BookLikes, I now know I have a freaking London Bus length's worth of books stacked up, waiting to be read.  I'm pretty sure it was about this time last year when I hit 250, which means I've accumulated almost 100 books this year over and above the 273 I read.  The follow-on math makes me a little woozy.  


Now, I know me.  I've lived with me for more than 4 decades and I'm not going to pretend I'm capable of not buying more books.  For that to happen there'd have to be a worldwide publishers strike ::shudder::...since that's not going to happen I have to take my own drastic(ish) measures.


All of which brings me to my goals for 2018.  


I'm going to attempt to restrain my book buying.  BookLikes tracks how many books I read per month, and I've been tracking my book purchases by date since I started buying online and there were an embarrassing number of duplicate purchases.  So, the new rule for 2018 is:  I can only buy half as many books as I read in the previous month.  


If I read 20 books in January, I can buy 10 books in February.  For January's number, I'm using the average number of books I bought per month is 2017, which is 23, so my January 'budget' is 12 books (yes, I rounded up, of course I did; that London Bus's worth of TBR wasn't built on restraint, you know).


I'm hoping this will both knock down my TBR numbers and give me an incentive to read more (more books read = more books I can buy).  Any action more drastic is going to make me feel deprived and that's not going to end well.  


Confidence level that this is going to work:  Eh, around 60%.  I have hopes.


EDIT:  I totally forgot to add one of my other sneaky goals to chip away at my TBR piles:  I'm going to look for the audio versions of the books I have in my TBR at my local library.  If they have it, I'll check it out to listen to in the car.  Once I'm finished, I can shelf the physical book and mark it 'read'.  This way I can continue to support my library, AND chip away at my TBR pile without incurring any additional costs or things I need to store.  My husband thinks this is cheating.  I do not care.  I'm in crises mode.


The rest of my goals are simple and straight forward:  

  • Stick with just the yearly challenge and keep it at 200;

  • Continue my Flat Book Society reads;

  • Continue to do ad hoc buddy reads;

  • Only play games if I feel like I can do so without screwing up my other goals.


Most of all, I want to keep my reading stress-free this year, with a return to more whim/mood reading.  I've had so much fun this year and I have no regrets, but there's a part of me that misses just poking around my TBR piles and saying 'what should I read next?'.  I'd like that to happen a little more often in 2018.


Also, if someone could send the bookshelf fairy my way, that would be awesome; I'm gonna need more shelves.