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2017: The year I crunched the numbers.

Ah, 2017, the year I'll always look back on as the one where I realised the world was going to hell.  It's also the year I've read the most books in a 12 month period, EVER.  I do not think this was a coincidence.


What is a coincidence is that the last book I read this year is all about statistics, and that my 2017 post is chock full of stats.  Honest coincidence; I'd compiled all the numbers before even starting that book.


I read 273 books this year.


HUGE increase.  LOTS of short books in there inflating the numbers, but still a massive increase year over year.  Can't say why, but probably a mixture of the BL games and MT and I making more time for reading. 


A month or so ago, a challenge went up around BL (and the web) for 2018, to read more women authors, which sounded fun, but I was sure I already read more women authors than men.  Then I thought, how embarrassing would it be if I were wrong?  I decided to figure it out, which led to my stats heavy post this year.  (All math is approximate; I tallied up the stats about 6 books ago; RL and my deep abiding hatred of math might have interfered with the accuracy of some figures.)


Of the 273/275 books I read this year:


170 were authored by women;

86 by men (inc. anthologies edited by a man);

16 male/female author teams;

1 N/A (an NPR audio thing).





Fiction vs. Non-fiction


I read 174 Fiction books;

96 Non-fiction;

2 books of poetry.




Of the fiction books I read,

75 Cozies (4 M/71 F);

25 Traditional Mystery (14 M/11 F);

20 Historical Mystery (7 M/13 F);

20 Urban Fantasy (3 M/17 F).




Of the Non-fiction books I read,

Science (13 M/10 F/1 team);

27 History (15 M/9 F/3 team);

14 Books about books (11 M/2 F/1 team);

9 Memoirs (2 M/7 F).



I read 7 Audiobooks this year (5 M/1 F /1 team)


I was either very generous or very lucky this year; might have been a bit of both, along with a large dollop of being very picky:

26 reads were 5 stars;

52 reads were 4.5 stars;

97 reads were 4 stars.


On the flip side, I had 2 books that I gave 0 stars to (only 1 of which was a DNF), and 2 books that I rated 1 star.