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The Flat Book Society: Suggest books for March read

As I mentioned in a previous post, the structure for choosing the Flat Book Society's reads has changed.  (See below for a recap.)


The voting list has been cleared and is open to submissions for March's Flat Book Society read.  The list will remain open a week or so, or until we have 10-15 books on it, and then the voting will be announced.


Note:  There were three books on the list tied for highest number of votes.  One of them is the January read, and I've left the other two titles in place on the list, with their votes intact.  Any member who has voted on one of those books can remove their vote if they change their minds; members can also vote on multiple books.



New club structure:

1. Books are chosen via voting on the club page's "next read" tab. For each reading round, members can submit 1-2 suggestions each, directly to the voting list (max. 15 books total for each round). The submission window will last about 2 weeks, or until we hit 15 books.

Please only add books that clearly fall under the general topic of science; by science, think the hard sciences (not psychology or statistics or self-help, for example). All books that do not clearly fall under the science flag will be unceremoniously removed.

1a. Please vote for as all the books you're interested in. This will ensure that books are chosen that are both accessible and interesting to the largest number of members. 

2. Voting takes place over 1 week period. The book with the highest number of votes will be the next scheduled group read.

3. After the book has been scheduled, the list will be cleared, and all the titles will be moved to the overflow list, which can be found here: The Flat Book Society: Nominated Books.  Generously maintained by Portable Magic.  Books on this list can be moved back to the voting list during any submission period.

4. New group reads will happen every other month and last approximately 2-4 weeks. (Jan / Mar / May / July / Sept / Nov).

5. Books will be chosen for group reads a minimum of 8 weeks in advance, to make sure that anyone interested in participating in the read (me) will have ample time to source the book.