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The Flat Book Society: January read and new club structure announcement.

Storm in a Teacup: The Physics of Everyday Life - Helen Czerski

Our January read has been selected.  The read will begin on January 1st and I'll try to send reminders out at the usual intervals.  


Just as Freakonomics brought economics to life, so Storm in a Teacup brings physics into our daily lives and makes it fascinating.

Our world is full of patterns. If you pour milk into your tea and give it a stir, you’ll see a swirl, a spiral of two fluids, before the two liquids mix completely. The same pattern is found elsewhere too. Look down on the Earth from space, and you’ll find similar swirls in the clouds, made where warm air and cold air waltz.

In Storm in a Teacup, Helen Czerski links the little things we see every day with the big world we live in. Each chapter begins with something small – popcorn, coffee stains and refrigerator magnets – and uses it to explain some of the most important science and technology of our time.



If this sounds like something you're interested in, please join us!




New club structure changes

It has become obvious to several of us that we are a bit too spoiled for choice on our voting list of books, and it's causing information over-load for many of our members.  In light of this, we're going to try a new structure.  Simply put, the process for each read (occurring every other month) will be:


After the current read is over, the voting list will be cleared;  books left on the list after voting ends will be moved to a new list in the BookLikes reading list section (details TBA). Portable Magic has graciously volunteered to create and maintain this list and is in the process of doing so.  Once that list is created, we'll let everyone know where to find it.

Members will then have a 2 week window to submit 1-2 suggestions each to the voting list (max. 15 books), for the next read. 

Just about everyone agrees that more than 15 books to consider is too many books, so our aim is a list of 10-15 books each time.

Voting takes place over 1-2 week period.

I find most votes are in within 1 week, but I'll play this by ear and adjust as necessary.

Book with the most votes is the next scheduled read.

Process repeats.



Rogue Flat Book Reads

Tannat, our resident insurgent, has been given sanction to run Rogue Flat Book reads.   She'll be announcing these Rogue Reads at her whim, and creating dedicated discussion threads for them; anyone and everyone is encouraged to participate.  I'd like to think this will allow for those readers who are looking for even more science in their life, but I suspect it's Tannat's first step towards world-domination.  ;-)


Any questions, or if you'd like to join in the discussion about club changes, please do so here.