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TBR Thursday

To Die Fur - Dixie Lyle

As always, tip-of-the-hat to Moonlight Reader for starting TBR Thursday.


A slow week here at domus libris.  Just one new book arrived, To Die Fur and I'm a bit apprehensive about this one.  It's the second in a series and the first one I had read under duress - I thought for certain it would be just WAY too silly.  But in the end I had to admit the story was far better than I expected, and I bought To Die Fur based on the strength of that first story. 


Synopsis: A rare albino liger named Augustus in residence at the private zoo, Foxtrot is ready for trouble to take a big bite out of her schedule…She doesn’t have to wait long. The half-ton big cat is dead, and there’s a houseful of colorful suspects, each one wackier than the next. But if they were all bidding to buy him, who would want Augustus dead?


Crimes against animals - I wasn't prepared for that.  That will teach me to read the damn back of the book before I order something next time...