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Shorty Bones (A Sarah Booth Delaney Story, #13.5)

Shorty Bones - Carolyn Haines

I love the Sarah Booth Delaney series; it's cozy but it's not fluffy.  Entertaining without being silly.  I'd recommend them without hesitation.


This is the first short story/novella she's published and it's a fast, entertaining, and silly read.  A mini-mystery, but with wild characters and a wilder plot.  It was a fun 45 minutes or so spent with friends but nothing that's going to add depth to the series, and that's o.k. I totally felt like it was worth the .99 cents I paid for it, and it left me slightly more cheerful than when I started it.


NB:  If you are reading the series or might be interested in reading the series - DON'T read this one unless you've already read Smarty Bones.  There are spoilers.  Big ones.  Huge.