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The Governess Club: Bonnie

The Governess Club: Bonnie - Ellie Macdonald

A short story I'd seen a few of my BL friends read and like, and I thought it would be a good way to wrap up my reading visit to Victorian-era England.


I am not generally a fan of romance fiction, although I keep trying, so my ratings reflect my tendency to roll my eyes at times.  As mentioned in other reviews, there are more than a fair few editing/copy editing errors in the story, but overall, it was an enjoyable read for an hour or so.  Bonnie is pleasant enough and Stephen Montgomery is just alpha enough that I liked him.


(HATED the scene with the ducks, btw.  Cruel and unnecessary to the plot.)


There's an attempt at mystery in the story, but the culprit was screamingly obvious from the start.  Not only did the author telegraph it, but there just weren't enough other characters for there to be any question.  Still, the point of this story was the romance, and that was what succeeded.


Definitely worth the .99 cents I paid for it.  I'll likely read it again at some point (although I'll skip the duck scene).