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Ghost Stories of Venice: From Historic Spanish Point to Englewood

Ghost Stories of Venice - Kim Cool

Man was this awful.  Really awful.


A local publication I picked up at a library sale while on vacation, I didn't have very high expectations.  Still, it's really bad writing managed to surprise me.


Near as I can tell, this is a collection of newspaper columns adapted and turned into a book.  Each "ghost story" (and I use that term loosely) reads like a journalist wrote it - a very untalented journalist. 


Almost none of the stories are actually "ghost" stories, and the only thing worse than the writing is the editing.  Lots of typos and lack of punctuation.  She tries to explain one of the ghost stories - about a ghostly motorcyclist who follows drivers - as possibly the ghost of a man who used to be the pace motorcyclist for motorcycle races all over the world. Pace drivers lead, they don't follow.  Research fail.  


Ah well, that's what I get: of almost all the used books I bought while on vacation, this one was one of the higher priced ones.  A bit of nostalgia at least, if nothing else.