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Tiger Eyes

Tiger Eyes - Judy Blume

Ahh... Judy Blume.  I have many fond memories of reading her books as a kid and while I was on vacation in the States I got it in my head that if I found old copies of the books I liked best, I'd snap them up.  Enter my day at McKay's Books with Degrees of Affection.  I'm sure she thought I was a taco short of a combo platter when I started "Oh!"-ing over all the Judy Blume books, but she didn't run, bless her.


Tiger Eyes is one of the books I grabbed - it was even the same edition I read when I was 11 or so.


I have to say, the story held up excellently over the years; I didn't find it dated, and the writing still comes across strong.  Davey's father is violently killed during a robbery and her family is trying to move on without him.  A short visit with family in New Mexico turns into an extended stay and Davey is left to navigate a new school, a new environment and her grief alone.  A rather TSTL excursion into a canyon leads to her meeting Wolf, and an odd but deep friendship emerges.


The book focusses on grief and guilt, but also manages to touch on teen addiction (alcohol), racism, and pressure to conform.  I was caught by surprise that this book was still able to hook me into its story; it was a trip down memory lane that didn't leave the memories tarnished.  Judy Blume still rocks.  :D


Also, this is NOT the cover of my book - I like my cover better: