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Hexed (Iron Druid Chronicles #2)

Hexed - Kevin Hearne

I read this book over the course of my flights back to FL; I'm a little fuzzy on a lot of the details, but generally it's a great read; very entertaining and it did an excellent job of keeping my mind far away from the cattle-class section of the airplane where my body was parked.


I think Atticus and Oberon are excellent characters; lots of charm, lots of wit.  The Irish goddesses make me laugh and the scene where Atticus gets his ear back was hysterical.  I'm not entirely sure about the introduction of the witch hunting group, but I get that the author was dying to write a scene where a priest, a rabbi and a druid meet in a pagan shop.  I get the impression that the rabbi will make appearances in later books; if he does maybe his beard will be explained more in depth. 


The plot, involving the invading coven, was slow to get moving, but I quite enjoyed it towards the end when Atticus made the connection to his past, and when we get to meet more of the Polish coven.  I'll admit I skimmed a bit during the battle scenes; they're richly detailed, but there are really only so many beheadings and fight choreography I can read  before it all fuzzes together.


This series fills a nice niche for me:  I really enjoy the reads, but they don't leave me obsessive for the next book.  I can enjoy them one at a time without feeling a need to binge read.  I have a couple of the short stories on my iPad and I'm looking forward to reading them next.