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#BookadayUK - Day 27 - Best/Worst Parents

Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen Buzz Off - Hannah  Reed Final Catcall - Sofie Kelly A Discovery of Witches - Deborah Harkness

Well, mine are all mothers.  And is it just me or is it *really* hard to find good parents in genre fiction??


Bad Parents:

Too many to choose from but I'm going with Mrs. Bennet from P&P because I honestly wanted to lock her in the attic, and the mother in the series that starts with Buzz Off.  That woman was so hateful, and such a bitch, I sent the second book flying before chapter 3 and avoided the rest of the series.


Good Parents

This one was harder.  I went with the mother in Final Catcall because the author defied my expectations and presented readers with a parental figure that was calm, friendly, resourceful and most of all respectful and treated her daughter like the adult she was.  I also went with Ysabeau from the All Souls Trilogy, even though she is a vampire.  As a mother figure, she too is calm and resourceful.  She possesses wisdom gathered over a millennia and uses her strengths and abilities for the common good.  She also doesn't put up with fools or whining.  Except for the vicious vampire thing, I'd totally let Ysabeau adopt me.