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#BookADayUK - Day 23 - Favorite novel with exotic background

Murder on the Riviera - Mary-Jane Deeb

The most common definition of exotic tends to be "tropical" - but I've lived almost my entire life in and on tropical beaches, which has rather leeched the "exotic" right out of them for me.  If you'd asked me a decade ago, I might have argued for Australia as I'd always imagined it - in starry eyed wonder - as filled with kangaroos, koalas and blond haired surfers (don't judge - I really only had tourism ads to go by at the time) and after just about 8 years here, it's rather lost any exoticness.


But I'm enchanted by the setting of this mystery, and the one that preceded it:  Murder on the Riviera (which I used for my Bastille Day entry).  Sun, cliffs, the Riviera and grand-mere's house just sounds like heaven.   The trust fund sounds pretty damned exotic to me too.