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Another One Bites the Dust (Jaz Parks, #2)

Another One Bites the Dust - Jennifer Rardin

And now I have Queen stuck in my head and I'm having flashbacks to the skating rink.


To the subject at hand:  a great read!  I was very uncertain about this book at the start; the plot about the body armour is just too sci-fi for me (that's where 1/2 star went).  But the bulk of the story doesn't involve the body armour directly; it's a story about Jaz's redemption, Vayl's unrequited attachment to her (so far) and the Scooby Gang they acquired in the last book (and I mean Scooby Gang in the most complimentary way possible).


I think, overall, the actual structure the plot is built around is shaky at best.  The plot is clear: they have to retrieve the armour.  But the bad-guy/doomsday portion of the plot had me rolling my eyes a tiny, little bit.  I chalk this up to personal preference: I lean towards preferring subtle machinations; these are more grandiose.  Think James Bond with supernatural beings.  But Bergman's gadgets? Very cool.


I mentioned this in my review of the first book, but I think it warrants a repeat: reports of the author committing suicide have completely altered the way I read her books, whether they are true or not.  I can't help but read Jaz's struggles with death and separation as coming more directly from the voice of the author.  The story is fun, funny, and entertaining, but there's a depth there now due to my altered perceptions going into the book that would have likely sailed clear over my head otherwise.  Call me shallow, but I don't read books about vampires and CIA assassins expecting to have deeper themes leave a lasting impression on me after I've closed the cover.


I have book 3 on my pile and I'll be looking forward to starting it.


(This was a buddy read with Degrees of Affection and I thank her very much for motivating me to finally pick up this series!)