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Winds of Salem (Witches of East End book 3)

Winds of Salem - Melissa  de la Cruz

This one has been languishing on the TBR pile for some time.  I had read Witches of East End when it first came out and enjoyed it but thought it was a stand-alone.  When Serpent's Kiss came out I bought it more out of a finish-what-you-start mentality than "ooo want, want!" but I still really enjoyed it.  And of course, if I've already read 2 then really, shouldn't I get the third one?  But this one involved time travel and I'm not a fan of time travel.  Hence, the languishing.


But I'm off work for school holidays and my TBR pile is starting to make growly noises so I'm ruthlessly picking them off, one book at a time and Winds of Salem was today's victim.


In spite of the whole time travel/alternate time line thing going on here, I found this to be a fast, entertaining, easy read, easily accomplished in an afternoon.  Norse mythology still feels novel to me, although I suspect this is a rather mangled version.  The plot than runs through all three books is wound up here and tied into a neat little bow, so I feel like the author is ending this at a trilogy.  Even if she isn't, I am.  I enjoyed it but I didn't love it.  Also, while the author wasn't at ALL graphic or detailed about it:


I am not a fan of threesomes in my books - especially ones that involve brothers.  Just personal preference.

(show spoiler)


Still, if you enjoy Practical Magic (movie version) type of magic, want something light, fun and breezy and stumble across these books at your UBS or library, it might be fate.  ;)