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Independence Slay (Celebration Bay #3)

Independence Slay - Shelley Freydont

We'll blame the sub-conscious, but I picked up this book yesterday without a thought in my head of its timeliness...  ha!


In addition to the traditional July fourth events, Celebration Bay stages a spooky Revolutionary War reenactment. Every year, the ghost of local war hero Henry Gallantine appears at the top of the family mansion, kicking off the night’s revelries.  But Henry’s annual cameo goes awry after the ghost signals SOS. When Liv rushes to the rescue, she finds Henry missing and a real dead body instead of a fake haunt. 


Likeable characters, and a well written setting make this a solid cozy series.  I can't say I love them but I've enjoyed each one.  Independence Slay was not an exception.  I like Liz and all the characters that play a part.  I'm not sure where the author is going with the love interest - it's not a triangle (or a rhombus), but in one corner we have A.K., a security consultant for the town.  Very alpha.  In the other corner we have Chaz who owns the local town newspaper and actually publishes it when he feels like it.  Very California surfer-who-loves-fishing.  Maybe the author hasn't made up her mind and is hedging her bets.  Personally, I'm cheering for A.K. (silly name and all).


The mystery was so-so.  The murderer wasn't telegraphed, but I also don't think it was plotted as well as it could have been;  lots of clues were there, but none of them were relevant.  Everything was wrapped up in a final scene that was kind of...I don't know what.  I just finished it and thought "wait, that's it?" The scene didn't seem to include any proof, or a confession, yet the killer went quietly.  This scene felt phoned-in compared to the tightly written narrative to that point.


I'll definitely be looking for the next book in the series; the author can be counted on the write a quality story and I'm mildly curious about who Liv ends up with.