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The Moor (Mary Russell, Book 4)

The Moor - Jenny Sterlin, Laurie R. King

So far, this book is my favorite in terms of setting and atmosphere.  Dartmoor, tors, bogs, rain; how much more atmospheric can you get?  Well, I guess you could add a castle, but The Moor doesn't suffer from the lack.


The Moor is Ms. King's homage to The Hound of the Baskervilles and it's done really well.  She's not recycling an old plot, but she's using elements from that great story to tell one of her own; to take that original's ending and run with it in her own direction.  She succeeded.


Very few things stood out for me, and they were quite minor:


There's a LOT of expository writing in The Moor.  On the written page, I think it would work beautifully, but I listened to this on audio during my daily commute and I found myself drifting off when Mary would start off on one of her long descriptions.  Don't get me wrong; the writing is beautiful, but my auditory comprehension skills are my weakest, so without the steady movement of the story plot, I found my mind wandering.


There's one moment when I think the author forgot who Sherlock is; a scene where he starts talking about the 'evil influence' of the moor.  It was a lovely scene, but I was left laughing and thinking "Sherlock doesn't get romantic notions in his head!"


I'm really enjoying this series, and the narrator is excellent.  I'd recommend this series on audio to anyone who enjoys Sherlock Holmes.