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Written in Red (Book of the Others, #1)

Written in Red - Anne Bishop

The minute I read the last line of this book I shut it and said to DH, "Yeah, I have to read the second book right now."


When I came here to mark the book as read, I commented again to DH, "I just don't even know what I'm going to write..." and he suggested that I write (and he was laughing when he said this, understand), "sorry everyone, but f*ck off, I'm sitting down to read the second book, and I'll update this review when I have time."


Tempting only because I absolutely have to go crack open the second book.  I wasn't ready for this one to end and I need more.  But if I actually say that, I'll end up mixing up what happened in which book, and possibly lose a couple of BL friends in the process. ;)  So I'm going to write this as quickly as I can, probably not proofread it right away as I always do and get back to the Others.


I'm only going to say what most everyone else is saying about this book.  It's excellent.  There wasn't a thing I didn't thoroughly enjoy about it.  The writing is crisp, clear, descriptively vivid - the only thing I had a hard time seeing clearly was the Liaison office.  Everything else was perfectly laid out.


I liked Meg, and that the author gave us enough information without dumping, and at a pace that mimicked getting to know a new friend.  I liked all the Others too although my favorites were the Elementals, Tess and Henry.  I know someone who reminds me of Henry.  I was very unhappy about Hurricane.


There isn't just one plot running through the book.  The one meant to wrap up in this book did so spectacularly and heaven help me I really liked the Others sense of justice (in a fictional world where all the bad guys are clearly bad guys).  I really enjoyed the bursts of humour sprinkled throughout the book too - I found myself laughing out loud more than a couple of times.


Now my need to go read "Murder of Crows" is overcoming my desire to write a coherent review.   I'll come back and edit this later; but as Meg must cut, I must read.