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Blood Brothers (Sign of Seven Trilogy #1)

Blood Brothers - Nora Roberts

A perfectly fine read for those moments at work when there's nothing like 'work' to do.


I'm not going to pretend that there's anything original about this book (and probably the trilogy) if you've read some of NR other paranormal trilogies (Dark Witch, Three Sisters' Island) - it's obvious the author uses the same elements over again, only twists and changes the package they come in.


But this book was probably the spookiest of the lot I've read so far and it gets points for that.  It's not check-under-the-bed scary, but it's spooky.  A little bit creepy.


The romance itself was a flatliner.  I liked the characters, there just wasn't any zip or edge. But more points to NR for being bold enough (or rich enough already?) to write a romance that doesn't have some great, contrived crisis that's meant to make the reader gasp "Oh no! Are they going to make it?".  It's as against-the-grain as this story gets, but I admire it regardless.


NB:  the digital output on my copy was abysmal.  Lots of words broken up with spaces - and not the kind you'd expect from hyphenated words being reformatted.  A lot of words with 2, sometimes 3 spaces in them, making them almost unreadable until you're bored enough at work to get used to it and anticipate it.