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Dance Upon the Air (Three Sisters Island Trilogy, #1)

Dance Upon the Air - Nora Roberts

I'm terrible at remembering who recommended books to me, but someone here on BookLikes recommended this Nora Roberts trilogy to me, so thank you whomever you may be.  I was bored at work the other day and bought the ebook version for a quick read.


I don't have a lot to say about it; her trilogies all seem to work much the same way.  Each book covers one character and each romance in the trilogy written to appeal to different types of romance fans.


Dance Upon the Air is the story of Helen/Nell, a woman on the run from her abusive husband.  She finds refuge on Three Sisters Island, only to find that she's a part of a witchy prophecy and she has untapped power at her fingertips.


I enjoyed the story.  It wasn't great, but it was attention holding.  I liked all the characters, the island sounds perfect, the man perfect.  This book was different from the few other NR trilogy books I've read in that the future romantic interests of the other two women are unknown.  Oh, wait, I stand corrected.  Mia's lost love is mentioned enough that he is sure to return to the island in time for her book, although he's only ever mentioned.


Of course I'll read the other two, but I don't find myself compelled to read them back-to-back.  I'm sure work will soon again get boring and I'll have the perfect reads to fill in the time.