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Cursed by Destiny (Weird Girls Novel, #3)

Cursed By Destiny - Cecy Robson

I am not a fan of Romeo and Juliet.  I'm sure this comes as a stunning revelation to anyone reading this who has read my previous reviews in the romance category. (Not.)  Tragic love is just not my thing.


That's why this book got three stars from me.  Celia and Aric are just too Romeo and Juliet.  Also, the character behind the machinations was glaringly obvious to me from about 1/4 of the way through the book.  While I'm griping, Misha was too heavy-handed and manipulative, but that's probably just a personal complaint since the author likens him to a viking, which makes me imagine Thor (my personal weakness).  Thor isn't manipulative.  Ever.


Ok, so now that the griping is over, I actually enjoyed most of this book.  I think the sisters are great characters as are most of the wolves.  The vampires, I'm a bit ambivalent about - they do add some rather odd humour here and there and this book struck me as more humorous in general.  The sex scenes are befitting two people that turn into animals, but not gratuitous.  Lots of action, lots of blood and guts of the supernatural evil kind.  Although:


A demon that looks like a maggot?? Really??  That's not horrifying or even a little bit scary, that's just disgusting!  

(show spoiler)


Overall, I enjoy this series, but I'm over the whole "we must be together! / We can't be together!" crap.  Enough already.