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Angelfall (Penryn and the End of Days, #1)

Angelfall  - Susan Ee

I think this is a 4 star read.  I reserve the right to change my rating after the story has settled in a bit.  It's certainly one that will stay with me for awhile.


I find Angel mythologies fascinating.  Paradoxically, I rarely read fiction involving Angels, because I'm rather picky.  Most fiction I've run across involving angels portray them as pure, pull of love.  Automatons, or more kindly, one-dimensional and without free-will.  Being raised in a rather old-school but highly academic Catholic environment (firmly team Evolution here) I grew up hearing my mother tell of the battles the Angels raged, and how ultimately, one angel built his army and chose to stand against God.  Angelfall indeed.


I hadn't even heard of Angelfall until I started seeing all the reviews here on Booklikes talking about what an excellent story it told.  I read the synopsis and thought "Oh, this sounds good, but wait - Post-Apacolyptic? No, thanks, not a fan".  But still the reviews came and I got intrigued.


I'll say this: the story sucked me in well and truly.  So many elements of it disturbed me, especially towards the end, obviously.  I prefer not to be disturbed, generally speaking.  I also felt like the ending veered rather sharply away from UF and stuck it's toe into Science Fiction, which I'm also not a fan of.  But sucked in and firmly hooked I was.  To the point of cranky snappishness whenever I was forced to stop reading for mundane things, like, say, eating.


I'll not cover old, worn out ground by providing a synopsis.  I'm not going to gush about the characters either since I feel oddly ambivalent about most all of them except Josiah.  And, I guess, Raffe.  Ee wrote a tragic character there, but one I found myself invested in.


Again, I think I'll have to let the story sit with me for awhile.  The ending just got a little too weird for me.  I'll definitely be reading the next one though.  Well and truly hooked.