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The Last Boyfriend (Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy, #2)

The Last Boyfriend - Nora Roberts

First, let me say, the scene where Owen walks into his mom's kitchen first thing in the morning was hysterical.


In spite of the humour, and the great dialogue between the brothers, I didn't like this one as much as I liked the first.  Ms. Roberts chose a heavier, more romantic theme for Owen and Avery and deep romance "you're-the-wind-beneath-my-wings" is just not my thing.


I did find it interesting that the author didn't use any contrived misunderstandings or female-in-peril plot devices to manufacture tension or hook the reader.  There were misunderstandings, but they were always confronted pretty quickly, and what a refreshing change of pace that was!


The ghost gets more play in this book and more information is pieced together about her past and what she's looking for.  (Spoiler-that-will-shock-absolutely-nobody:  her true love.)


I'm definitely going to read the third one - I can't read the first two and not the third - and I'm interested to see how the author treats Ryder as a main character.  He was an ass in the first book and only marginally better in the second book.  I do like watching his mother cut him down to size though....