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A Tale of Two Biddies (League of Literary Ladies, #2)

A Tale of Two Biddies - Kylie Logan

The first book in this series, Mayhem at the Orient Express, was a rare first-in-series 5 star read for me.  The setting was ripe for mischief, the characters instantly likeable, the romantic tension palpable (for a cozy) and the plot divine.


The author set the bar high for herself.  Did she reach it with A Tale of Two Biddies?  Well, no.  But it was still an excellent read and I'd gladly recommend them to anyone who enjoys cozies.


Why not 5 stars?  The characters are still instantly likeable.  If asked "which book character comes closest to yourself?" I'd have to answer that Bea probably does.  Minus the stalker.  Oh, and the independent wealth part - definitely not.  The four mile island in the middle of Lake Michigan they call home allows for the never-ending influx of tourists and summer-residents, all possibly capable of murder, that allow for varied plots.


No, what kept if from being 5 stars for me is I guessed a major plot point.  I'd say it gave away the murderer, but Ms. Logan did throw in a sort-of red herring that had me wondering for a bit.  I still enjoyed the book from beginning to end because I wanted to know more about the characters.  Specifically Levi.  Also, a small raspberry to the author for almost-but-then-not revealing Levi's secret (or one of them anyway).  Levi's mouth is open in one scene, set to 'fess up to Bea and they're interrupted.  This is in the first third of the book, so I spent the rest of the book waiting for them to resume that conversation.  <<imagine me stomping my foot here>> They don't.  Hmph.


This series has skyrocketed up to one of my top favourites and I'm pleased I won't have to wait another year to read The Legend of Sleepy Harlow, coming out in time for Halloween. Looking forward to it.