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Freezer I'll Shoot (Vintage Kitchen Mysteries, #3)

Freezer I'll Shoot - Victoria Hamilton

This series was on my 3 strikes list, and this was the third book.


The good news is that the plot was much better that the first two books; far more subtly crafted and the killer wasn't jumping-up-and-down obvious.  A mystery always gets props when I don't guess the killer before the protagonist does.


But otherwise, meh.  I only have lukewarm feelings for the MC, I pretty much dislike her love interest, Daniel, and the love intrigue, the Detective Zack Christian is intriguing and I'd love to read more about him, but the author is so lackadaisical about creating any tension between him and Jaymie that I can't generate any excitement about it.  It feels like her editor is forcing her to add Christian against her wishes, so she's doing the bare minimum.  Either that or she's going to string this out forEVER.  Who wants to wait that long?


I don't know if I'll pick up the next book or not; at this point, if my bookshelves become overwhelmed (again!) and I need to make space, I'm going to have a hard time resisting the urge to cull this series.  I'll definitely not pre-order the fourth book; I'll wait to see what others think before shelling out for it.