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Murder by Death

I read cozy and historical mysteries, a bit of Paranormal/UF, and to mix it up, I read science and gardening books on occasion.

My Grim List

1.  I'm a rather extreme introvert, so coming up with 10 things I think are going to be even remotely interesting to anybody is going to be a challenge.  Independent wealth is probably the only thing standing between me and becoming a recluse.  This is a worry to my extroverted DH.


2.  I am, I think, the luckiest person in the world to have met my DH.  He's funny, kind, patient, good-looking, more than tolerates my need to own all the books and not only does most of the cooking and more than his share of the cleaning, but he IRONS everything!  Clothes, linens - he ironed my sweatpants once (although he was so busy watching Australian footy it's possible he'd have ironed the cat if she got too close).


Seriously, I have no idea how I got so lucky, but once I did, I sold everything except my cats (they came with me) and moved to Australia to be with him and haven't regretted it once.


3.  I was born and raised in Southwest Florida and I'm a fourth generation Floridian, which I think is nothing special, but always seems to surprise people when I mention it, so I'm including it here.


4.  Once I moved to Melbourne, Australia I discovered seasons and a love of gardening.  We don't have any grass on our land as I've turned it all into an organic garden, about 75% of which is edible.  I have been banned from planting any more chill pepper plants, as apparently 6 gallons of chilli peppers at the end of the season is excessive.


5.  My love of animals is large.  Show me a newborn human and I struggle to show the socially acceptable level of enthusiasm.  Show me baby animals of most types and I'm instantly reduced to a puddle of squee'ing goo.  We currently have 3 chickens and 2 cats. Our menagerie is only currently being controlled by the fact that one of our cats (Easter) would lose her mind if we brought anything else home.  We don't have kids and have chosen not to for many reasons, most of them very mature, reasonable ones, but I have to admit that somewhere towards the bottom of the list is "Our cat would be really pissed if we brought a baby human home".


6.  I'm really interested in cooking in theory and I like to bake.  I'm also really fascinated by preserving and canning, but rather terrified of killing somebody with my efforts.  Learning to pickle chilli peppers is at the top of my list.


7.  I was once invited to, and attended, a party thrown by Prince Hubertus Fugger at Barnsely Gardens in Adairsville, Georgia.  Best, most beautiful, party I've ever been to and my one and only brush with royalty.


8.  I am allergic to every antibiotic I've ever been given, *except* the one that treats Anthrax.  Whew!


9.  I have an orchid named after me.  My dad bred orchids and developed over 700 new crosses, and he named one after me.  It's a giant gold cattleya with a magenta centre.


10.  I got nuthin'....