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Killer Riff (Molly Forrester Mysteries, No. 4)

Killer Riff - Sheryl J. Anderson

::sniffle::  The last book in a series cut short before it's prime.


Molly's finally gotten her promotion, much to the deep irritation of her editor.  She's also had her first assignment handed to her:  a profile on the daughter of a famous music producer who has recently committed suicide.  Only his daughter is adamant that he didn't.  Of course.  Otherwise, we wouldn't have a mystery!


She's learned a lot of lessons over the course of the last three books, some of them rather painfully, and she's determined to apply them to this assignment (and her life), lest she lose both of the things she wants most; her job and her relationship with Kyle.


A great mystery and I think a rather well-crafted mystery.  The more I read the more I remembered, and the killer eventually surfaced from the depths of my memory.  But as I've said before, this series' strength isn't just the well crafted mysteries, but the really well-written characters and the solid foundations of the relationships, even when those relationships are rocky.  I really, really cared what happened to these guys (and gals).


If Sheryl Anderson had any web presence at all, I'd email her to let her know how much I miss reading about Molly and her friends.  As it is, I can only look forward to future re-reads.