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Killer Cocktail (Molly Forrester Mysteries, No. 2)

Killer Cocktail  - Sheryl J. Anderson

This second in a series of four (Boo!) was my least favourite of the bunch.  I still loved it, but not as much.


Killer Cocktail finds Molly trying to please too many masters and leaving everyone unhappy.  Her best friend Tricia's brother's fiancee (got that?) is murdered at their Southampton engagement party.  Tricia wants Molly to find the murderer, Molly's maybe-boyfriend wants her to stay out of it, and Molly's editor wants a sensational expose about it (making Tricia regret her request).


The writing continues to be really well done - these are books that suck me in and keep me there.  I can read all four books back to back (which I'm doing), not burn out, and mourn that there aren't more.  Snappy dialogue, characters I want for friends, and a great mystery plot with a not-at-all obvious murderer.  The only writing that pulled me out of the story were the fashion commentaries that ran a bit like an emcee at a fashion show: "Cassidy entered the room wearing a gorgeous skirt by XXX and a stunning blouse by YYY and ZZZ's ABC style of stiletto's with the little black bow".  If you're a fashion lover, these commentaries will add to the colour and description of the scene; but since I know only enough about fashion to recognise stupid-expensive when I hear it, I tend to skim over them.


If you like well-written murder mystery that's fun, not completely shallow, and full of the power of friendship, I'd recommend this book (if you can find it) or any of the other three in the series.  The series has a definite chick-lit air about it, but it adheres to the cozy rules: no overt sex (dammit!) and very little-to-no swearing.