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Pecan Pies and Homicides (Charmed Pie Shop Mystery #3)

Pecan Pies and Homicides - Ellery Adams

A fun read, but another book I'd have to classify as fantasy-cozy-mystery.  This series has a definite almost-fairy-tale vibe to it, with ties to Arthurian legends (albeit Arthurian legends used with poetic license).  Lots of magic, an enchanted forest, a wise old tree, and curses.


I had some hesitation to read this one after reading the previous book, Pecan Pies and Alibis, because it was almost total fantasy, with murder on the side, and worse - it make me sniffly.  I don't like books that make me cry.  I don't like to cry, full stop.  I'm not a graceful crier - my eyes swell big enough to look like I'm going anaphylactic and they burn, my colouring goes splotchy and foul, and afterwards I just want to sleep.  So I avoid crying at all costs.


But aside from that last chapter or so, I really enjoyed the read, so I finally picked up this book and dived right in.  While still fantastical in it's premise, the murder mystery played front and centre this time.  I like fantastical, but I prefer it to play second fiddle to the murder mystery, so this book was quite an improvement for me.  Plus, no crying.


This little Northwestern Georgia town is full of quirky, likeable characters.  Ella Mae LeFaye, her name aside, is a strong, independent MC with strong attachments to family.  Hugh is all the things the MC's love interest should be, but without the bad boy streak that gives so many love interests their edginess.  I love the aunts and Reba.


The murder mystery itself is both complicated and sad (but not too sad!), with a bit of a surprise denouement and confrontation.  I say 'a bit' because I sort of figured it out early on, but not enough to be absolutely positive.  


A few things are left in flux at the end, with a foreshadowing of what's coming up in the next book.  I'm very much looking forward to seeing what comes next.