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Seven Swans a'Shooting (Sopie Katz Novella)

Seven Swans a' Shooting: A Short Story - Kyra Davis

I love the Sophie Katz series - they're murder mysteries and they definitely aren't hard-boiled or even soft, but cozy purists will cry foul of the language and the fact that people are getting lucky (although it's not at all graphic).  Still, I consider the series to be cozy, maybe chick-lit-ish.  Very witty, humorous, writing with strong female characters, the MC is a mystery writer who finds herself stumbling over dead bodies with alarming frequency.


Seven Swans a'Shooting is obviously meant to be a holiday novella, and it takes place around the holiday season, but I think it's one that could really be enjoyed any time of year; it really didn't feel "Christmassy" to me.  Which is sorta a good thing, since I didn't find it until just the other day.


I rated this 4 stars mostly because I just loved being able to see these people again (I don't know if there's going to be another book, I believe the last one ended up self-published).  The mystery is not only not difficult to solve, there really isn't a whole lot of time for it to be mysterious - everything is neatly wrapped up in 7 shortish chapters.


I'd recommend this to anyone who loves Sophie and her friends as much as I do, or anyone who might be interested in the series as a way of testing the waters before jumping into a full length book.