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Fire When Ready (Manor House Mystery #7)

Fire When Ready - Kate Kingsbury

This seventh in the series has an ammunitions factory being built right outside Sitting Marsh, much to the consternation of most of it's residents.  Lady Elizabeth is reeling from the loss of her love-that-can-never-be and trying to carry on with a stiff upper lip and an assistant who has lost the will to go on after losing her first love.  We've definitely reached the low point in the series arc with Fire When Ready.


The explosion that takes out most of the factory before it's scarcely opened is just one of the first surprises in store for the residents of Sitting Marsh - the dead bodies in the building are the real bad news, once it's determined that the Germans weren't responsible for the explosion.  If the explosion was the result of a fire that started, and not a bomb, then why were the two victims locked in the office when they died?  Why didn't they try to escape?  


Lady Elizabeth latches on to these questions as the antidote to wanting to crawl into bed and not come out again, when once again she finds herself shocked to her core with the return of Major Earl Monroe.  Even further shocking to her is his announcement that his wife has asked for a divorce and he's soon to be a free man.  Well, that certainly changes the nature of things - but only a bit, as of course in the 1940's you waited for the paperwork to be finalised.  It's only proper.


These books are lovely and light to read.  There used to be a show on US television called "Homefront" - these books have the same feel that series did.  The murder mystery in this one is well written and well plotted.  Several suspicious characters to choose from and I was pleased with the ending; a villain that wasn't obvious but wasn't out of left field either made for a clever mystery.