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Dig Deep for Murder (Manor House Mysteries #4)

Dig Deep for Murder - Kate Kingsbury

One of my New Year reading resolutions is to try to review books I read before discovering online book sites.  I actually started trying to do this back in October and then Mt. TBR started looking menacing, so I went back to new reads for a bit.


Dig Deep for Murder is a very light, quick read that takes place in a quaint village during WWII.  US Airmen are stationed at Sitting Marsh, so possibly not so quaint as it once was.  Lady Elizabeth Compton is the "Lady of the Manor" (her parents both died in the blitz) and while I do like her, she has a stick up her backside.  All very, very, very proper.  But then she rides a motorcycle, so we're left with the impression that there is hope for her yet.  Comic relief is provided in the form of Martin, the senile butler.  Romance is provided by Poly, her secretary, and thwarted sexual tension is provided by Lady Liz herself, and Major Earl Monroe, USAF, married.


This is a light mystery that is the very definition of a cozy, while containing all the romantic notions of war time.  It's a fun read, though not very taxing or involved.  A body is found buried in the Manor House's Victory garden and Lady Liz is determined to solve the mystery of who killed him and buried him under the veg.


Since this is a re-read and I don't remember how easy it was to guess the plot the first time, I'll not comment on the complexity of the plot; suffice it to say I knew how it ended.  But I'd definitely recommend this book and this series to anyone who considers themselves a cosy purist and enjoys reading about the WWII era.