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Death, Taxes and Mistletoe Mayhem (Tara Holloway Mystery Holiday novella #6.5)

Death, Taxes, and Mistletoe Mayhem: A Holiday Novella - Diane Kelly

I'm a big fan of this series and this was an adorable holiday novella that could very well stand alone outside the series.  Tara is the only character in the novella from the series - everyone else is new to this novella.  It's also very Christmassy so if you're in the mood for a light, fun, action-y little novella, this one might be just the thing.


The author deviates a bit this time; the story is written from three different POV's.  Tara's, Megan's - a police officer whose beat includes the mall the story takes place in, and Brigid, Megan's K-9 partner.  Appropriately, three things about this deviation kept me from liking this story more:


1.  I don't like alternating POV's

2.  I don't like talking animals

3.  Megan's POV used bullet points.  Not a fan.  Not in my books.


I got about a third of the way through the story when I started to think the multiple POV's could be an introduction to a spin off series; there was too much background information about Megan for her to be a one-off.  Hmmm....  


Sure enough, once I got to the end of the novella, there's an announcement that a new series will feature Megan and Brigid starting June 2014.  Points 1 and 2 will not have me jumping to add this series to my lists, but I'll keep an eye out for reviews, because Diane Kelly can write!  I love her style and her humour.


It's hard to say what was really the main plot in this novella - there's the background setup for the new series; Tara is investigating possible IRS tax fraud on the part of a jewellery wholesaler, and there's the small issue of a matchmaking project Tara, Megan (and Brigid) take upon themselves.  Doesn't really matter - it's a fun story with a happy ending full of holiday spirit.  Just what the doctor ordered.