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Death Overdue (Karen Nash #2)

Death Overdue - Mary Lou Kirwin

Sadly, not as good as the first book in this series.  


But - the first book was so clever, so creative, and so fresh that it would, in all fairness, be hard to beat.  Death Overdue is a worthy follow up, it's just not got all the first one had.


Mostly what I found different in this book was a sudden discomfort between the two main characters, Karen and Caldwell.  Their dialog felt stilted, like two characters in a play portrayed by two actors with no chemistry at all.  Wooden.  It did warm up a bit towards the end, but really, some of the naturalness and easiness of the first book's dialogue was missing in this one.


The plot, however, was again just outstanding.  Clever, unique - this author thinks outside the box when plotting her crimes and I just love it!  This is a 5 star plot with 3 star characterisations.  I just don't think very many people will see the ending coming.  It's a lovely cozy twist at the end, with a small bow to Dame Agatha Christie.


It would appear that future books will take place in a London bookshop, which will add another cozy element to a series that has a lot going for it.  I'm looking forward to seeing what this author does next - and hoping the dialogue gets back on track.