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Murder by Death

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May Day (Murder-by-Month #1)

May Day  - Jess Lourey

I have been reading this book on and off at work during moments of mind numbing boredom, so it's taken me ages to finish it - I can't even remember when I started it.


I say that by way of a disclaimer, because I just found this book to be 'meh'.  I didn't hate it and I can't point to anything and say 'this was wrong!' or 'this sucked!".   It was generally well written and it was a very well plotted out book.  The ending was both a bit surprising and totally creepy.  The main character was likeable, if not someone I'd list as "fictional characters I wish were my friends".  The depiction of the old people was both hilarious and disgusting.


But the book just didn't do it for me.  Meh.