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India Black in the City of Light (India Black Novella)

India Black in the City of Light - Carol K. Carr

This is a little e-novella that takes place in between India and French's more involved adventures.  Often these novella's are mere background, giving the reader more insight into the motivation of the characters in the series.  This one was a full on mini-adventure.   A spy exchange between GB and Russia that takes place in Paris.


I thought it was a fun read, and I'm convinced Ms. Carr has an outrageous imagination (and i mean that in the best way).  She certainly packs quite a bit of action into a short story less than 100 pages long.


If you've read India Black before, this is a fun amuse-bouche while waiting for the next full length novel due out in February.  If you're unsure this would be a series worth reading, this is a pretty good encapsulation of the dynamic between French and India, although you'll have bypassed a lot of sniping that takes place when they first meet and start working together.