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If You Can't Stand the Heat (Culinary Cop Mystery #1)

If You Can't Stand the Heat - Robin  Allen

This book was a Kindle freebie, so I figured, what the hell?


A good, solid, cozy mystery. Lots of suspects and a few red herrings. I wasn't able to guess who the murderer was until the end.


I gave this three stars because I didn't really establish a relationship with the main character - a bit too much angst, and a whole lot too much family dysfunction - something I'd rather not read about in my cozies unless the dysfunction is of the eccentric, quirky variety that makes me laugh, or at the very least, smile. I didn't really find much to connect with with the secondary characters either. I did like that Poppy didn't back down and was quick to give sass where sass was needed, and I did find more to like about her character as the book progressed.


I'm not sure I'll go out of my way to find the next book in the series, but if my TBR was running low I wouldn't hesitate to read the next book.