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Take it Like a Vamp

Take it Like a Vamp - Candace Havens

Disclaimer: I'm not a fan of straight up romances. But I am a fan of Candace Havens, having read and loved (and re-read regularly) 4 of her other books, so I eagerly jumped at the chance to read this one. It was a total disappointment. The entire story was rushed through, it seemed, in as few pages as possible and lacked any real depth. I liked the characters quite a lot - they had potential, especially Linc. But the story itself was weak, weak, weak. And there was none of the snappy dialogue or witty repartee I found and enjoyed so much in her other books.


Finally, if there was a copy editor on this book, they should be smacked. Really, truly awful job - lots of words missing, sentences that aren't complete or don't make sense. Too many to actually count.