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Change of Heart (Savannah Martin mystery #6)

Change of Heart - Jenna Bennett

I love this series and I thought this was an excellent addition. I'm hooked on the characters and deeply invested, as a reader, in what happens to them and how things work out. I absolutely love Rafe and Savannah together - their relationship is really well written, IMO.


Plotting in Change of Heart was done really well - a good solid murder mystery with lots of suspects and no clear killer. Cozies can sometimes be predictable, but I didn't find that to be the case here - I was surprised by the events following the discovery of the body in the park and right up until the end I hadn't a clue.


All of this combined to keep my nose in the book (or the e-reader, in this case) until the end. An ending, by the way, that left me smiling; and that's really a plus.