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Irish Chain (Benni Harper #2)

Irish Chain - Earlene Fowler

I could have done without the massive relationship angst in this one, but in spite of this my original rating stands.  I loved the tie-in to the history of Japanese Americans during WWII; a part of American history that needs to be remembered and acknowledged.  


The mystery plot of this one was excellently crafted and ultimately tragic.  Overall it's a very well-written mystery and a generally well written, if somewhat dated in its gender dynamics, story.


I find myself eager to continue binging and moving on to book 3.  They just really don't write them like they used to.


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I found this to be a very enjoyable read - I loved the story line delving into the WWII issues with Japanese-Americans. I didn't see where the plot was going until the end and was quite surprised by the murderer. Outstanding character development as well. Looking forward to the next one, Kansas Troubles.