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Goose in the Pond (Benni Harper #4)

Goose in the Pond - Earlene Fowler

Reading this now - 7 years after the first read - I wonder if Fowler's editor convinced her she'd overplayed Gabriel's machismo in the last book and recommended toning it down.  Gabriel isn't perfect, in this 4th book, but he's nothing like the horse's ass he was previously.  


There's a lot of family drama in this one - some of it amusing (I love the bible verse war Bennie's grandmother and great-aunt engage in), some of it not.  The mystery plot itself stretched itself though; definitely not her best murder plotting.  Too far beyond the realm of believability for a series that is so firmly and deeply rooted in reality.


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I haven't found a book I don't like yet in this series. A bit 'angst-y' but I think the author does a good job of balancing that, so it doesn't weigh you down. I'm looking forward to continuing with the series.