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Fire Engine Dead (Museum Mystery #3)

Fire Engine Dead - Sheila Connolly

There were a lot of things to like about this story: the character interaction, the plot, the setting. Overall I enjoyed the story, it was a nice, easy, enjoyable read. But it's missing the fourth star I'd like to give it due to an excess of introspection, or "contemplation" on the part of the main character - I found myself just outright skipping over those parts. Personally, I think it's a cheat - a way to fill out the pages when your story isn't quite as filled out as it should be.


The main character still comes across as a bit wooden and two dimensional - I see attempts at humour being made, but they fall flat - like they were shoe-horned in as an afterthought. I'd wish for a bit more spark in the next book. But I will definitely look for the next book as I think this is a series that shows promise.