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Hot Button (Button Box Mystery #2)

Hot Button - Kylie Logan

I like this series - great characters (although her ex annoys me) and just a bit of romantic tension between Josie and the detective Nev. I love Chicago and it's fun to read about an area that I can easily picture in my minds eye.


This particular book I didn't enjoy as much as the first although it was good - and while I was sure I knew who was responsible for some of the crimes, it turned out that while I had the players right, I had the crimes wrong. So, a nice surprise at the end.


The backdrop for this story is a button convention, so the entire story takes place in a hotel. It's clear that other than Kaz, Josie and Nev, these characters are all disposable, so it's hard to really care about any of them, and I think that was the only detraction for me.


A book I'd recommend to cozy mystery lovers as a light, fun read. I'll definitely be looking for the next book.