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Dead Man Waltzing (Ballroom Dance Mystery #2)

Dead Man Waltzing - Ella Barrick

The danger of theme cozies is if you aren't that interested in the theme, the book suffers a bit in the reading. I'm not a fan of dancing - I don't dislike dancing, but I don't love it, so the theme of this book keeps me from getting lost in the story (plus, really, how much long-term murder and mayhem can you wring out of a ballroom dancing theme??).


It's a good book and I'd recommend it to any cozy mystery lover who would find ballroom dancing an interesting theme. The mystery is good; lots and lots of suspects with opportunity. I felt the ending was a nice departure from the cliche endings in so many cozies. Very likeable characters with just a soupçon of romantic tension. Great setting in Old Town Alexandria. If the theme had been something I found more interesting, I would have given this 4 stars. Still, I might read the third book when it comes out.