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Lethal Outlook (Psychic Eye Mystery #10)

Lethal Outlook - Victoria Laurie

There aren't many cozy mysteries capable of actually making my heart pound but this one did.


First let me say that while I consider this whole series to fall into the 'cozy' category, the nature of the crimes in some of them (like Lethal Outlook) skirt the definition a bit. The crimes in this book are intense and unpleasant - not graphic, but undeniably awful. This is not a poisoning at the garden club.


I didn't have a clue who the murderer was and never even considered the culprit a suspect. The ending left me feeling as though I'd just run for my life and I'm awfully glad I didn't finish this book right before bed - I'd have never fallen asleep.


I love the characters in this book and the whole series - all are so vivid and well written. Each character is unique and I find them all likeable. I had the great pleasure of speaking with Ms. Laurie on several occasions several years ago, and while I certainly can lay NO claim on knowing her, I hear her personality shine through Abby. The dialogue, the wit, the humour, the wisecracks. It makes reading these stories a pleasure and this was no exception. I particularly loved the scene with Abby in the police interrogation room. If you've ever wanted to be able to push back at someone being a bully and *really* put them in their place, this scene is one to make you grin.


I have to admit I didn't love the last book, Vision Impossible, and was just a tiny bit worried that the series was going in a direction I couldn't jump on board with, but this book put paid on all those concerns. I found this book to be a true page turner that at times took my breath away. Can't wait for the next one!